Lectures and Workshops

Recommended Topics

  • Building Resilient Landscapes

  • Design-less Gardening: A Naturalistic Approach

  • For Us and Them: Perennial Edible Plants for Wildlife and Ourselves

  • How to Make Your Life Easier With Native Plants

  • Kill Your Lawn!
  • Landscaping for Life, Building Wildlife Habitat Into Every Landscape
  • Native Plants for New England Gardens

  • Plants are Better than Mulch!

  • Taking on the Big Places: Building Self-Sufficient Landscapes

  • Wild Edibles: What to Grow, What to Seek, and How to Do It

Additional Options

  • Adventures with Oddities: Strange and Noteworthy Natives

  • Building Better Bird Habitat

  • Going Native: How to Put More Native Plants onto the Landscape (2-3 hours)

  • How to Identify Every Tree in New England

  • Lawn Alternatives

  • Low Maintenance Landscaping

  • Plant Identification

  • Plants for Pollinators 

  • Shady Edibles: Growing Native Edible Species in the Shade

  • The Tastiest Plant in the City: Growing Native Perennial Edibles in Urban Environments

  • Taking on the Big Places: How to Built and Maintain Self-Sufficient Spaces

  • Tough Plants for Tough Places

  • Weeds! Which Ones to Love and How to Avoid the Rest

  • What to Propagate and How to do it (best as a hands-on workshop)

  • Why We Care (Why Native Plants Matter)

  • Woodies for Wildlife

  • and more... Just ask


Pricing and Other Details

  • The lecture fee is $475 for a 1-hour in-person lecture or $350 for a virtual lecture

  • Travel fee is based on the standard IRS travel rate (currently 56 cents/mile) and covers all travel to and from a venue

  • My pricing is negotiable for certain conservation groups, feel free to ask

  • I arrive promptly 30 minutes ahead of every lecture

  • I can rarely accommodate lectures in April or May

Thank you!


Photography for Hire


Do you have a beautiful garden or landscape that you want photos of? Contact me for details on visiting your site and capturing its beauty for you!